"Dreadful Delights" stamping plate - USA

Hit the Bottle polishes

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 It's time for Trick or Treat!! On this plate there are more tricks that treats so beware! 

Inspired by Delicious sweet things that on closer inspection you wouldn't actually want to eat!

Do you love sweet things?! Would you eat a cupcake that had a witches hat on it, or one that looked like a graveyard?! How about a Martini with eyeballs as olives?! Or some delicious skull cherries or skull pineapple? Ice cream eye balls, that bring new meaning to "eye scream". Surely I could tempt you with some delicious donuts, don't mind that they may be a spider or devil in disguise?

Nail art thanks to @reza_blade and @breakrulesnotnails

Stainless steel with a plastic backing - 9.5 x 14 cm.  Each individual image measures 17.5 x 22.4 mm.

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