"Urban Wild Style" stamping plate - USA

Hit the Bottle polishes

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This plate draws inspiration from Wild Style. Which is a form of graffiti that originated in New York and is made up of overlapping and interwoven letters and shapes to form complex pieces.

If you love graffiti art then you'll have loads of fun creating your own unique look with the images on this plate! Stamp and colour a mural type design over many nails or use single images over a brick pattern for a fun unmistakable street art look! Designed to suit various nail lengths from stilettos to smaller nubs. Ideal for reverse stamping or lead lighting techniques.

Stunning nail art thanks to @nailsbyhez, @amazon_queen82, @thepolishedpeony, @outbackweb, @shakeynails, @swatchitpink, @tesladaynails and @laemperie

Stainless steel with a plastic backing - 9.5 x 14 cm.  Each individual image measures 17.5 x 22.4 mm.

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