"Sew Your Own Way" stamping plate - USA

Hit the Bottle polishes

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Do you love sewing? Making your own clothes or doing quilting and patchwork?

Then this plate has been made for you! Containing and array of designs that can be used with leadlighting or reverse stamping techniques. We have pins, needles, pin cushions, safety pins and scissors. Patchwork, quilting, dressmakers patterns and mannequins. I'm sure we can all relate to being told "not the fabric scissors" when we when to cut something that wasn't fabric!!

Nail art courtesy of @amazon_queen82, @icanhazpolish, @miss_tana_baby, @cosmeticsanctuary, @gelatokat, @outbackweb, @tesladaynails and @knittynails. Find these artists on instagram.

Stainless steel with a plastic backing - 9.5 x 14 cm.  Each individual image measures 17.5 x 22.4 mm.

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