"Bah Humbug 04"

"Bah Humbug 04"

Hit the Bottle polishes

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Inspired by creating a comical version of Christmas nail art, taking familiar imagery and turning it on it's head. 

Are you a Christmas fan?! If so then this plate is probably not for you. But it does have cats.....lots of cats, trying to destroy Christmas things and being cute!

As I say every year, the Bah Humbug series is not having a dig at religion or how anyone chooses to celebrate. What I am having a dig at is Christmas itself and how for some people this can be a very hard time of year. There is so much pressure to buy your kids all the "right" gifts, get togethers with family members can sometimes be very trying or maybe you are missing someone who can't be with you. For many people the season is not a happy one, but one filled with dread. So if you are on Team Grinch then I hope some of these images will make you smile and bring some different kind of joy to your season!

For us in Australia the traditional images of snow, reindeer, trees and anything wintery is very out of place since it's summer here! Hence what the crabs and lemon are about. Many Aussies eat seafood for Christmas lunch.

In case you didn't notice straight away there are a few images which can be used in layered stamping.

 This plate measures 9.5 x 14 cm.  


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