"Protect 'n Peel" liquid latex

Hit the Bottle polishes

  • $8.50

A cosmetic grade liquid latex that is helpful in protecting your cuticles and fingertips from messy nail art such as gradients, stamping and watermarbling. 12ml bottle. 

  • Available in purple, teal or pink. 
  • Low ammonia smell
  • Thin quick drying, easy to peel formula
  • Apply thinly around your cuticles and allow to dry
  • Create your beautiful but messy nail art!
  • Peel away latex and excess polish with it.
  • Admire your manicure!

DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO LATEX!!! Do not use over broken or inflamed skin. Contains ammonia.

**Keep tightly capped when not in use to prevent product drying out** 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So helpful!!

I'm not the best at painting my nails and this helps so much! For people that have short nails and have trouble capping off the tip of the nail with polish without making a mess, this is amazing. It dries pretty fast but can stick to other fingers if you put latex on all of them so I recommend doing one nail at a time if you're clumsy like me.

Hooray for peel away!

This liquid latex is a must have for nail art enthusiasts. It's a lovely colour (I got the purple) in the bottle so be sure not to mistake it for a polish!