"Keepin' It Peel" - peel off base coat

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PLEASE NOTE - due to the rigid nature of dip powders this product is not suitable to be used underneath them

Our peel off base coat is proudly Australian made. This base coat has been specifically made to stay on your nails, until you need it to peel off. Makes removing glitter polishes a breeze!

  • For best results ensure your nails are clean, dry and oil free. A quick swipe with acetone or a nail dehydrator may be useful.
  • Apply one thin coat and allow to dry completely. It is best to NOT cap the free edge with the base coat.

Being water based, this product is slower drying (especially in humid weather) than a regular base coat.  A short 10 sec blast with a hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying time.

  • If you are planning to wear you polish for a number of days, or if it is a relatively thin polish (shimmer or creme) then a second coat maybe be necessary.
  • One coat should be sufficient for heavy glitters or under gel polish.
  • Apply your polish as normal, making sure to cap the free edge. 
  • When you are ready to peel off your polish, just lift an edge with an orange stick and peel. PLEASE for the love of nails everywhere don't use a metal cuticle pusher!

Check out this review from Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary of our Peel Off Base Coat!  Or these clips from youtube showing it's useage. 

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INGREDIENTS ; Polyurethane, Acrylates Copolyer, Stearalkonium hectorite, Propylene Glycol, Water.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Barnett
The best!

I'm so pleased with this peel off base coat. I LOVE the painting/creating part of doing my nails so get bored with each set within a couple of days and change them out. The frequency of m6bset changes has damaged my nails so using this peel off base has meant I can change out my set as often as I want but without the drying of my skin and thinking of my nails. Will definitely be buying again. I thoroughly recommend!

Thank you for your review Amy, so glad you like 'Keepin' it Peel'!

So good when you're learning new techniques!

I was learning how to use stamping plates, but kept messing it up and needing to start again over and over. My hands were getting so dried out from all the nail polish remover! This stuff was a total lifesaver - let me wear the successes for days, but also peeled off immediately with no chemicals needed if I made a mistake.

The only time I had issues with it not peeling properly was when I didn't let it dry for a few minutes before starting with the proper polish, so maybe give that a go if you're having issues.

Best Peel off over Builder Gel

I use this peel off over builder Gel and I love it. It can take a bit of experimenting to get the right amount of coats - but once you sort that it’s MAGIC! I just purchased my second and third bottle of this stuff! Love it!

Not so peely

I was really worried it might peel off before I wanted it to. I was very pleasantly surprised to find it didn't - I wore it for a full 2 weeks with no issues at all! But then when I went to peel it off, it didn't really peel at all. I used the orange stick provided, I tried warming my hands up after the polish on the first few fingers just flaked off around the cuticle, but it still wouldn't budge. I followed the instructions to the letter, and it was applied under a regular glitter polish.


This stuff is pure MAGIC. Lasts forever on my nails and is super easy to remove. Tbf I make it to about a full week before my urge to peel it off takes over because it's SUCH a satisfying thing to do! (Like pouring Elmer's glue on your hands as a kid just to peel it off again, but BETTER because it won't cause damage!) It also dries super smooth and glossy, acting like a ridge filler, & makes me want to wear glitter polishes all the time now. Such an amazing product.