"The Bungle Bungles"

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"The Bungle Bungles" is a medium lilac and forms part of the "Roads less Travelled" collection.
The Bungle Bungle Range is a major landform and the main feature of the Purnululu National Park, situated in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It renowned for its striking banded domes which are made of sandstone deposited about 360 million years ago. Eroded by rain, creeks, rivers and winds from the Tanami Desert over the past 20 million years has carved out these dome shapes, along with spectacular chasms and gorges. I've taken some artistic license here and drawn inspiration from the darker banding at sunset.

12 ml

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Cas W
Lovely dusty purple

This is a beautiful purple crème shade. It’s easy to work with, and paints smoothly. I get full opacity in 2 coats.

My only (extremely) minor quibble is the somewhat skinny brush, but that’s a personal preference and not a reason to knock off a star since I have replacement fan brushes that fit the bottle.