"Embrace the Darkside 01"

Hit the Bottle polishes

  • $22.00

Have you been thinking about Halloween nail art yet? Looking for something a little bit different this year? Then you might like to "Embrace the Darkside" with the FIRST EVER stamping plate from Hit the Bottle! This one has been many years in the making, but finally the planets have aligned and it's come together. Let's Embrace the Darkside together! 

This Gothic inspired, Halloween themed plate can be used all year round, with decorative swirling patterns and ornate ironwork. Or how about redback spiders, complete with webs and flies! Eeew! Create an easy zombie mani by stamping on some stitches and torn edges! We have gargoyles, unicorn skeletons, eyes with wings, bird skulls.... and much more!

My favorite are the dancing line of pagan girls or turn them into witches by giving them hats. Above them are Alchemy symbols such as sodium, lead, platinum and rock salt.

Something for everyone if the Darkside is your thing! ✂️

 Nail art thanks to @miss_tanababy_, @knittynails and @breakrulesnotnails