"Endora" candy aurora pigment - USA

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"Endora" contains 0.5 gr of green candy aurora pigment. This pigment will look different depending on what stamping polish (black or white) it is used with.

Used with "Stick with Me" (sticky white stamping polish) you will see tones of green and pink. "Endora" used over "Stuck on You" (sticky black stamping polish) gives a range of colours from emerald green, to blue, to purple and violet.

When using "Endora" with sticky stamping polish

  • start with a matte or semi-matte base, then stamp, clean your plate (or wait 10 to 20 secs) then gently apply pigment to your stamping
  • seal with a water based or gel topcoat, a regular quick dry topcoat will ruin the effect of the pigment.
  • applying the pigment to the stamper and then stamping will dull the effect of the pigment and ruin your stamper. This method is not recommended

Swatches and nail art thanks to @icanhazpolish & @tesladaynails, @miss_tanababy_, @amazon_queen82 and @breakrulesnotnails