"Luxe" holo chrome pigment

Hit the Bottle polishes

  • $11.00

Create amazing nail art by using this rosegold holo chrome pigment with sticky stamping polish.

  • High quality pigment
  • Only a small amount is needed
  • Beautiful rosegold chrome colour with holo shine
  • 0.3 gr pot, applicator and buffing sponge
  • Seal with waterbased topcoat such as "Watertight" or a gel topcoat. Regular topcoat will dull the beauty of the pigment. 

For use with pigments start with a matte or semi-matte base. Stamp with "Stuck on You" wait 20 to 30 sec, then gently apply pigment to stamping with applicator. Polish stays tacky for ample amount of time, so you don't need to rush with pigment application. Seal with a water based or gel topcoat.
*If you don't start with a matte base, the pigment will stick to the high shine surface of your base polish as well as the sticky stamping. Creating a less define look.
*A regular quick dry topcoat will ruin the effect of the pigment.
*Applying the pigment to the stamper and then stamping will dull the holo effect of the pigment.

Swatches and nail art thanks to @amazon_queen82, @tesladaynails, @Icanhazpolish, @laemperienails and @cosmeticsanctuary.