"Match it Up" - USA

Hit the Bottle polishes

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This plate is designed to be used in layered stamping giving you a more intricate and coloured look in just two stamps! It is designed to be read down in columns.

Some of the images such as the leaves, birds and cheetah print could be used alone without the matching partner. All of these 3 should be stamped in the order they are laid out with the top one first because I have made the first stamp just a touch larger than the second one, allowing you just a bit of wiggle room!

If you're thinking, I'm never going to be able to line those up without the polish drying on me! I suggest using a sticky base coat (or any base coat) in between stamps. Alternatively you could stamp onto a silicone mat and make decals, especially if you have a high c curve on your nails.

I've tried to offer a variety of images, not specific to any theme. Some florals, geometrics and nature inspired.

Third image gives an idea of scale. Most images fit inside a 1 cm square. This plate measures 9.5 x 14 cm.  


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