"Sunglasses at Night"

Hit the Bottle polishes

  • $9.50

A neon orange regular polish, another one that my camera could not capture accurately. Think neon orange highlighter. Opaque in 2 to 3 thin coats. You may find this polish applies a little streaky to start with, but will even up nicely in 3 coats. Or apply one coat over a white base for extra neon pop!

These polishes do dry to semi matte finish and need a high shine topcoat to bring out their full beauty. We recommend "Varnish without a Trace" topcoat

PLEASE NOTE: these are NOT stamping specific polishes, although they do stamp well over white and produce a good to ok result over black. They can also be used to watermarble. If you are looking for super opaque neon stamping polishes we recommend our "Pour some Neon on me" collection.

Due to postal regulations, purchases of polish can only be shipped within Australia. 

You can find these polishes in the USA at Beautometry and Lantern & Wren.