"Superkool" neon jelly polish

Hit the Bottle polishes

  • $8.50

A neon purple jelly polish for leadlighting, watermarbling, gradients and pond manicures.

Part of the "Street Art" collection and named after "Super Kool 223" who is credited with creating the first large mural type piece. Which allowed a piece to stand out from hundreds of tags.  "Super Kool 223" and "Lee 163" were the original Kings of the 2 and 5 train lines in New York.

Jelly polishes can be used for stamping but they produce a very pale watercolour type look. They will only show up over white or a vey pale base colour. In the photos here "Superkool" was used to stamp the bold swirl pattern and "I Lilac it like That" was used to stamp the outline. 

All polishes are 5 free and made from cosmetically approved materials. Available in 9 ml only.  

*PLEASE NOTE* Due to postal regulations, purchases of polish can only be shipped within Australia.