"Tricky Sticky" large clear stamper

Hit the Bottle polishes

  • $12.50

A large transparent stamper. Comes with two stamper heads, that are softer, squishy and much more sticky than the "Double Shot - no ice".

****I find this stamper slightly harder to use than the Double Shot as you need less of a rolling motion and a softer touch to pick up an image. But it does give you a bolder image. This stamper may not suit your style of stamping technique.*** 

This stamper differs from the original Double Shot in that the diamantes have been removed from the base.  Handy for making decals or just having a spare stamper head. 

*Remember it is best to use a LIGHT TOUCH and a ROLLING MOTION to pick up an image with a clear stamper.*

  • This stamper does not need to be primed and will work straight from the box.
  • The stamper heads can be fragile so it is best to leave them in the holder as much as possible.
  • You may find the stamper heads need to be washed with dish washing liquid every now and then to restore their former stickyness. Let them air dry again before using.
  • Please only clean heads with a lint roller or tape. Never acetone, as this can cause the stamper to go cloudy and break down over time.


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews Write a review

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        My favourite stamper

        This is by far my favourite stamper. It picks up perfectly every time no matter what plate I use. I never want to be without this stamper. I have tried different ones from all the brands, but I always come back to this one.

        My Fave Stamper

        This stamper works like a dream! It took me a while at first to get the right pressure and rolling technique, but now, it's my preference every time. I may even have 6 (8?) of them! And if you drop one, and your puppy steals it, putting a tooth right through the squishy top, they still work brilliantly for smoosh manis, fluid art stamping technique, and applying decals!

        Disappointed 😞

        I was so excited when I received this item and couldn't wait to be all creative but upon usage of this item , I discovered that it was not picking the image up (ps I'm not a newbie to stamping ).

        I tried it with the 2 stamping plates
        Uberchic and HTB plate with HTB stamping polishes, I tried several times but to no avail 😩

        Firsr timer user

        This was easy to use once I got a rythum going with the scraper.As a firsr time user I found the stamper and scraper easy to use.Once you get the angle right with the scraper and a good coating of polish on the plate and eocking motion with the stamper it was easy.Really nice sticker surface and come with a smaller stamper.

        My First and Last Stamper

        Started my journey with this bad boy and have had a couple other different ones and I gotta say, this one is the best one. It's big enough for a long nail and the caps don't come off in storage keeping them nice and fresh. A tiny bit firmer than the Maniology Ice Cube stampers, same success rate. Love the fact it comes with 2 round jelly stampers in one tool as well <3