Uber Chic - Just For Claws

Uber Chic

  • $38.50

Just for CLAWS! 

Longer nails? No problem. We’ve had a request submitted for a while now for designs that catered to those with longer or slightly wider nails. Look no further than our new Claws Collection! We took designs from our first 28 Collections and made some of our favorites into taller and slightly wider versions of themselves to make the ultimate collection for those with longer nails! Have no fear: our designs still fit perfectly on our XL Stampers! The designs are 20 mm wide by 35 mm tall with coordinating images down the middle. 

This Collection features three of our unique design plates carefully made to ensure almost any size nail is accommodated, it includes: Just For Claws-01, 02 and 03. 


Technical stuff:

The size of each plate is 9.5 cm by 14.5 cm and the plates in this collection have coordinating single images down the center and a few on the sides. Most designs are 20 mm wide x 35 mm tall and are built to cover edge-to-edge on those lovely claws of yours.